Streamline Project Management with MadFish360™

Effortlessly Organize, Collaborate, and Excel in Every Project Endeavor

Revolutionize MWR Project Management with MadFish360

Behind every successful event and program for our dedicated service men and women lies meticulous planning and coordination. MWR teams invest substantial time and energy in organizing people, resources, and marketing efforts. However, this process can be overwhelming. Enter MadFish360—a comprehensive project management system meticulously designed to simplify and enhance the efficiency of MWR initiatives. By seamlessly integrating event planning and marketing coordination, MadFish360 empowers teams, making them more effective in delivering exceptional experiences for our service members.

Comprehensive Tools for Streamlined Project Management

Discover a Suite of Features Designed to Elevate Your MWR Programs and Events


Effortlessly manage customer relationships, maximizing program effectiveness and satisfaction.


Effortlessly coordinate staff, ensuring seamless program execution and unprecedented success.


Streamline project management, ensuring optimal organization and successful outcomes for events.


Optimize task organization for a seamless workflow, ensuring successful event execution.


Effectively manage timelines and deadlines for flawless event execution and program success.

Birds Eye View

Centralized dashboard offers quick insights, streamlining program oversight for enhanced efficiency.


Customizable fields allow personalization, ensuring the system aligns perfectly with your unique needs.

Easy Search

Quickly search and locate anything you need with just a few keystrokes, ensuring swift and accurate results.

Monitor Productivity

Monitor and measure team productivity for informed decision-making and enhanced performance outcomes.

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