technology solutions built to enhance the lives of
service men and women around the world

we believe in creating websites that change lives

Our solution was built from the ground up to help you build an online experience that has the power to enhance the lives of the people who are willing to sacrifice it all for us. We bring the services you offer to these men and women in a way that is easy for them to find, sign up and enjoy.


Easy to use drag and drop system that will allow you to easily build out the website you desire.

enhanced security

Hosted on world class infrastructure, your data and customers will always feel and be safe.


Industry leading e-commerce platform provides reliability, scalability and data security for all transactions.

content management

made easy with siteforge™

Building a great site starts with having great tools. We’ve designed SiteForge™, our content management system, to give you ultimate flexibility and control over the look and feel of your site.

With simple drag and drop controls and easy control over every style you can imagine, we have given you everything you need to build the best user experience possible.


event management system

Elevate event planning with our ticketing system. From military galas to family outings, effortlessly manage registrations and sales, ensuring every occasion is a resounding success, while providing a seamless experience for attendees and organizers alike.

classes and courses

Empower military communities with our educational platform. Easily offer a wide range of courses, from fitness classes to professional development, fostering growth and camaraderie. Provide accessible learning opportunities for personnel seeking to expand their skill set and knowledge base.

product sales

Revamp your MWR store into a digital powerhouse. With our e-commerce solution, showcase and sell a diverse array of products, from merchandise to specialty items, effortlessly boosting revenue and expanding your reach. Provide a convenient online shopping experience for military personnel and their families.

location rentals

Optimize your locations and facilities with our rental system. Streamline reservations, availability, and payments, ensuring seamless experiences for military personnel and their families. Effortlessly manage bookings and provide comfortable accommodations for those serving our country.

equipment rentals

Simplify equipment management with our rental platform. From sports gear to event essentials, efficiently track inventory, reservations, and payments, providing top-notch service to military communities. Ensure that personnel have access to the equipment they need for various activities and events.

Madfish 360™

Empower your MWR support teams with MadFish 360, the ultimate project management platform. Seamlessly track tasks, projects, creative work, and timelines with precision. Elevate your base’s MWR initiatives and experience streamlined efficiency like never before.

Ready to discover the transformative potential MadFish MWR Web Solutions can bring to your base?