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Empowering Base MWR Programs: A Revenue-Boosting Solution

In the realm of Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) programs, financial support is essential for their success. Our integrated e-commerce platform, built on the robust foundation of BigCommerce’s headless commerce capability, offers a transformative solution. By seamlessly incorporating five specialized modules tailored to the unique needs of MWR programs, we address critical areas such as event ticketing, training class enrollment, lodging rentals, product sales, and equipment rentals. Through a custom admin interface, managing offerings becomes effortless. This integration, coupled with our tight synergy with MadFish SiteForge, ensures a cohesive user experience. Moreover, our integration with Id.me guarantees secure verification of military status, further streamlining the process. With these comprehensive features, we enable bases to not only generate more revenue but also enhance the overall effectiveness of their MWR initiatives.

Event Ticket Sales: Seamless, Comprehensive Solutions

Our Event Ticket Sales module redefines how MWR programs manage and sell event tickets. Whether it’s a free gathering or a multi-tiered ticketed event, our platform handles it with precision. Listings come to life with engaging photo galleries, detailed descriptions, and integrated maps for convenient navigation. From timed gatherings to all-day affairs, we’ve got it covered. For added convenience, our dedicated iPhone app ensures swift check-ins, streamlining the event experience for both organizers and attendees.

Training Class Enrollment: Customized Learning Journeys

Empower your MWR program’s educational initiatives with our comprehensive Training Class Enrollment module. Designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of learning experiences, our platform seamlessly handles single-day seminars to extensive multi-day courses, catering to classes of any size. Engage prospective students with immersive photo galleries and informative videos, offering a preview of the enriching knowledge that awaits. Delve deeper into the expertise of your instructors through detailed biographies, instilling confidence in learners. Whether offering paid or free classes, our module guarantees inclusivity, ensuring that valuable educational opportunities are accessible to all.


Location Rentals: Your Gateway to Unforgettable Experiences

Experience seamless location rental management with our dedicated module. Whether it’s a campsite, RV pad, or a cozy cabin, our platform offers an array of options for every traveler. Search effortlessly by preferred dates and property type to find the perfect accommodation. Immerse yourself in property details, complete with captivating photos and elaborate descriptions, providing a virtual tour before you even arrive. Discover rental rates and availability, ensuring you secure the ideal spot for your stay. From adventurous campouts to serene cabin getaways, we’ve got your lodging needs covered.


Retail Sales: Sell Any Product You Want

Transform your MWR program into a thriving marketplace with our versatile Product Sales module. Whether it’s apparel, memorabilia, or specialty items, our platform caters to a wide array of merchandise. Create unlimited categories and list an extensive range of products, each customizable with variants like size and color. Enjoy seamless e-commerce functionality, including secure payments, order history, and user-friendly navigation. Elevate your offerings and watch your merchandise sales soar, providing an additional source of revenue for your program’s success.

Equipment Rentals: Access the Gear for Your Adventure

Empower your base to offer any range of products for rent with our comprehensive Equipment Rentals module. From boats to tennis rackets to snow skis, you can rent anything your program desires. Easily search by preferred date and equipment type, ensuring you secure the perfect gear for your outing. Explore detailed equipment descriptions and rental rates, providing all the information your user need to make an informed choice. With our seamless online reservation system, they can reserve their desired piece with ease. Manage your inventory effortlessly and gain valuable insights into rental histories and popular products, ensuring a top-notch experience for every user.

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Seamless Integration with BigCommerce: A Secure and Compliant Solution

Our integration with BigCommerce is not only seamless but also prioritizes security. They adhere to strict PCI compliance standards, safeguarding sensitive financial information. Additionally, their platform is 889 compliant, ensuring government guidelines are followed. With robust support and integrated payment gateways from trusted providers like authorize.net and Chase Bank, your transactions are in safe hands. This comprehensive integration guarantees not only a user-friendly experience but also a secure and reliable one, backed by the industry’s best practices in e-commerce.

Elevate Your MWR Program’s Potential with Our Dynamic
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Experience the power of seamless online transactions, secure payment gateways, and unparalleled support. Our e-commerce system is tailored to meet the unique needs of MWR programs, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient revenue-generation platform. Partner with us to unlock a new era of financial success for your base’s recreational offerings.