the best plugins for wordpress

The Best WordPress Plugins

With so many to choose from, how do you go about finding the best WordPress plugins? The answer is simple, You don’t. We have put together a list of plugins that cover absolutely everything needed to run a successful blog or website. While it is great to have the extra functionality offered by these plugins, […]

seo checklist for small businesses

Small business SEO checklist

As a small business owner, every visitor that comes to your website will be of vital importance. Which is why it is imperative that you get the basic SEO foundations in place. A poorly optimized website means less web traffic and less profit. I have compiled a checklist below which you can use to ensure […]

speed up wordpress blog

How to speed up your WordPress website

WordPress is a fantastic platform for bloggers and webmasters.¬†However, users often complain about their websites slow page load speed. As many of you know the slower the site, the higher the chance of losing customers and subscribers so it is imperative that you get something in place now to maximize your sites potential. It is […]

comment spam prevention

How to combat comment spam on your blog

If you are a webmaster or blog owner you will be familiar with the amount of comment spam sent to your web site on a daily basis. If you don’t have the adequate plugins and settings in place these comments can become a real headache. Luckily there are some things you can do to get […]

6 plugins for new wordpress websites

6 Great plugins for new WordPress sites

1. Login Lockdown This is a security based plugin which does a great job in securing your WordPress blogs logic area. Although not the most effective way of protecting your site from multiple log in attempts, it does give users a much needed base layer of security. This plugin will set a limit on the […]

on page seo guide

On Page SEO Guide

When I look at various websites around the web, I often find that most of them have average at best, on page SEO. This is fairly surprising as we are living in the internet age and businesses are constantly expanding and looking for new leads online. Targeting specific keywords and optimizing them will give you […]

6 plugins for new wordpress websites

The easy way to create a WordPress child theme

Please note this tutorial is for those of you looking to create a style sheet child file for simple changes in WordPress. It does not create editable theme template files. (Other than the stylesheet.) Child themes are essential when you are customizing WordPress themes. By making changes to a the Parent theme rather than a […]

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